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send me a SMILE!'s Journal
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in send me a SMILE!'s LiveJournal:

Sunday, September 25th, 2005
7:03 pm
Hi everyone!
My name is Alaina Elizabeth, and I'm fourteen. My birthday is December 11, 1990. I had a few wonderful penpals from this community before, but then my family life got a little hectic, and i had to stop writing. But i decided to come back, because I missed getting charming packets in the mail.

I enjoy reading, watching tv, and occasionally making clothes. I lovelovelove photography, and i have a digital camera, and a polaroid camera, so I like to send and receive photos. I also make collages, and journals. Sometimes I go crazy, and buy lots of little knick-knacks from Chinatown, or some cute little store in the middle of nowhere, and i send them out to everyone. My age didn't bother anyone before, and i hope it still doesn't because I'd like to think I'm pretty old for my age. Everyone tells me I'm one of the most trustworthy people they've met--So i'm all for sending secrets though the post. I'm obsessed with history, music, and food! I'm also trying to learn how to knit, and play the guitar. So its always a surprise as to what you'll get from me.

Anyyyway, I hope that wasn't too long! And I hope that sounded tantalizing, because I really am looking for a few great creative and interesting penpals that last (And want to swap photographs, collages, journal entries, stickers, pens, pins, gifts, and etc.)It doesn't really matter where you're from , but anyone from outside the US would be appreciated. (People from the US are fine though!) So, if you're interested, email me at ourtechnique@yahoo.com

:)&feel free to add me here on livejournal also!
Friday, January 28th, 2005
7:30 pm
NAME: Heather Eddy

AGE: 16

FAVORITE BANDS:I LOVE, LOVEEEE THE CRANBERRIES!, nirvana, allman brothers,the red hot chilli peppers,QUEEN, styxs,the wailers, bob marley, little feat, foo fighters, p.o.d, dope, alanis morssette, marshal tuckerband, the white stripes, rob zombie, the beatles, the doors, fleetwoodmac, led zepplin,
bob dylan, led zepplin, pink floyd, soundgarden, sublime, green day, john cougar mellencamp,the darkness, don mclane, the beatles, rasmus,live,bob seger,ozzy, the police, creedence clearwater revival, the offspring, the cure, jewel, AC/DC, ...and well you get the point..

INFO: i love philosophy, my favorite philosopher is neitzsche. i like taking black and white photography, blaring music, rain, cloudy dayz, poetry, art,...late nights, bon-fires,long conversations, west virginia, maine, sleeping outside, inside jokes, outgoing people, people who dont care, deep people, deep conversations, pictures...memories long gone, vintage stuff, letters, my friends, writting,

TO ANYONE THAT WISHES TO WRITE TO ME: im a very open person and you can talk to me about anything, or you may ask me a difficult question..relationship problems, family..ect ect.. ^_^ i like to take pictures so i will be sending you pictures regularily. :)

well here it is please write to me ^_^

25335 Church rd
Seaford, DE
Monday, January 26th, 2004
12:12 am
Friday, March 7th, 2003
9:24 pm
im nora i'm 15 (16 in 17 days) i live in west bloomfield, michigan.
music is my life, without it i would be nothing. i'll listen to anything as long as its good... besides country... i can't deal with country..
i hate most of my friends, i love to write though i've had no inspiration. most everyone i know is suicidal or depressed, and i'm going to be a brides maid for a girl whos only a couple years older than i am to the boy i used to like... a lot.
i'm bisexual, though around here who isnt... i tend to write a bunch of letters to people i havent talked to in years just because i need someone to talk to besides someone i.. talk to every day...

too much. i'm done.

Current Mood: lazy
Tuesday, February 11th, 2003
11:03 pm
Im Toni, i live in new york
my life seems to revolve around music - i plan my weekend around the shows going on so id get along with people who like music too... im into local shows and i like to hear about bands from other places too cuz they usually rawk
i have a job where i have lots of time to write... and i have a habit of writing long letters to people. i go off on tangents and use writing as a kind of therapy in a way, where ill use a letter to someone else as a way to reflect on things im unsure about and try to figure out things for myself, and then get their opinion on it
im pretty friendly ... sometimes hehe and im really bad at introductions so ill end this here <33!
10:59 pm
so i actually made a community, im new at this- humor me
if anyone wants to make a background or something for it, i would <3 you forever, ill do this as a community info kinda post and then a personal post...
i figure since lots of people like penpals and stuff id make a community for that... send eachother cool things and letters and get a friend to give you advice when you cant talk to anyone around you or you want an outside opinion
its always nice to get mail, and relaxing to write letters - for me at least
basiacally my idea is to just write who you are and who you'd like to talk with, and then exchange information and stuff and make a new friend :)
when you join- post a brief intro about you and what yr like and stuff and interested people will leave comments or get in touch with you and from there do whatever
send cool stuff to people! that rox
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